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Dolphin & Play

I just adore summer. The long days where time seems to stretch to a slow stopping point. Where the sun just asks of us to take it easy and if we don’t, the heat will knock us down otherwise. In past years I would feel anxious that I wasn’t making enough use of my time in the summer. This Leo ♌️ season I am promising myself to be more playful, enjoy the fruits of the season and to pause as much as I can and be ok with it. I no longer want to feel pressured by traditional societal ideas of what it means to achieve. I would like to carve out other ways that will give me a true sense of my own fulfillment. The dolphin 🐬 spirit can be a lovely way to incorporate more play and joy into one’s life.

To some naysayers, it may seem inappropriate to emphasize play considering the state of the world, but I think play, playfulness, and humor can be utilized in powerful ways. For instance, this past summer how K Pop fans were able to use technology to reserve a ton of seats at a Trump rally, so fewer people would show up. That was ingenious! Also watching the comedy of Tiffany Haddish and how she masterfully uses her humor and storytelling to transform her life. We need to continue our fight for social justice with less despair but with more joy in order to sustain and nourish us to keep going.


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